Bournemouth Park Bowls Club


Founded 1907

Club Competitions 2018


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2013 Winners

Championship - Dave Bunce

Two Wood - Ron Collins

Handicap - Dave Cocklin

Junior Championship - Richard Telling

4321 - Dave Cocklin

Long & Short - Richard Telling

Sevens - Richard Telling

Veterans - Ken Wittig

Junior 2 Wood - George McGhie

2 Wood Pairs - Gary and Richard Telling

Purkiss Pairs - Jerry Telling and Brian Hennessy

Plate - Dave Broomfield


Australian Pairs - George McGhie and Dave Cocklin

Open Pairs - Percy Bright and Richard Telling

Memorial - Barry Lorkin, John Russell, Ray Tyler and Richard Telling

Lewis & Webster - Lewis Telling and John Flower

Arthur Johnson Triples - Rowley Cross, Roger Adamson and Dave Bunker

Centenary Cup - Liam Telling, Alan Thorpe, George McGhie and Barry Lorkin

McDowell Fours - Vic Pates, Andy Eva, John Blackburn and John Flower



2014 Winners

Championship:  J.FLOWER

Two Woods Competition: R.TELLING

Handicap Competition: J.RUSSELL

Junior Championship: D.BUNKER

Four-Three-Two-One Competition: R.TELLING

Long and Short Jack Competition: D.BUNKER

Sevens competition: J.RUSSELL

Veterans Competition: B.HENNESSY

Junior Two Woods Competition: J.VANCE

Two Wood Pairs Competition: -------------------------------------

Four Wood Pairs Competition: L.J.TELLING, R.TELLING

Plate Competition: D.BUNKER


Australian Pairs: A.CLAGGETT,S.SHORT


Memorial Competition: P.HARRIS, J.GORING, B.LORKIN 

Lewis and WebsterTrophy: W.NORCUP, I.COLSTON

Arthur Johnson Triples: M.SHAW, K.WITTIG, J.BLACKBURN      

Centenary Cup:


Bickford Fours:



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2016 Winners

Championship: J. FLOWER

Two Woods Competition: S. GUNNELL

Handicap Competition: S. SHORT

Junior Championship: J.T. TELLING

Four-Three-Two-One Competition: J.T. TELLING

Long and Short Jack Competition: S. GUNNELL

Sevens competition: R. TELLING

Veterans Competition: C. CHALLIS

Junior Two Woods Competition: I. COLSTON

Two Wood Pairs Competition: G. TELLING / R. TELLING

Four Wood Pairs Competition: J. JANG / R. TELLING

Plate Competition: C. CHALLIS

Australian Pairs: A. CLAGGETT / S. SHORT

Memorial Competition: PLAYED WINNERS NOT KNOWN

Lewis and WebsterTrophy: NOT PLAYED

Arthur Johnson Triples:


Centenary Cup:


Bickford Fours:



2018 Winners

Championship -

Two Wood Competition -

Handicap Competition -

Junior Championship -

Four-Three-Two-One Competition -

Long and Short Jack Competition -

Veterns Competition -

Junior Two Woods Competition -

Two Wood Pairs Competition -

Four Wood Pairs Competition -

Plate Competition -

Australian Pairs -

Memorial Competition -

Lewis and Webster Trophy -

Arthur Johnson Triples -

Centenary Cup - B. Locke, G. McGhie, R. Massey & L. Smith

Bickford Fours -


2015 Winners

Championship: S. Gunnell

Two Woods Competition: B. Hennessy

Handicap Competition: S. Gunnell

Junior Championship: G. Telling

Four-Three-Two-One Competition: G. Telling

Long and Short Jack Competition: S. Short

Sevens competition: R. Telling

Veterans Competition: D. Bunker

Junior Two Woods Competition: A. Hogan

Two Wood Pairs Competition: G. Martin & B . Hennessy

Four Wood Pairs Competition: B. Norcup & R. Telling

Plate Competition: A. Hogan

Australian Pairs: A. Seddon & S. Gunnell

Memorial Competition: P. Harris, C. Norris & B. Parsons

Lewis and WebsterTrophy: M. Bunclark & D. Bull

Arthur Johnson Triples:

P. Harris, P. Stanley & S. Short

Centenary Cup:

T. Neil, A. Hogan, B. Parsons & P. Stanley

Bickford Fours:

Not Played


2017 Winners

Championship - S. Gunnell

Two Wood Competition - S. Short

Handicap Competition - D. Bunker

Junior Championship - S. Short

Four-Three-Two-One Competition - S. Short

Long and Short Jack Competition - S. Short

Veterns Competition - A. Thorpe

Junior Two Woods Competition - J. Wootton

Two Wood Pairs Competition - R. Chinery & B. Locke

Four Wood Pairs Competition - A. Hogan & J. Wootton

Plate Competition - A. Hogan

Australian Pairs - P. Harris & B. Lorkin

Memorial Competition - R. Parsons, R. Massey & A. Hogan

Lewis and Webster Trophy - NOT PLAYED

Arthur Johnson Triples - M. Vacher, M. Warr & S. Short

Centenary Cup - J. Wootton, C. Norris, P. Stanley & S. Short

Bickford Fours - J. Murray, R. Parsons, R. Massey & S. Short